Atrium Rentals


Thank you for your interest in our atrium.  It is one of the best views of our city with a warm, friendly, professional staff and seasonal, fresh ingredients.  We look forward to hosting you soon.Our semi-private atrium area seats 30 max.  Our minimum is $2600. Room fee, food and some drinks go toward the minimum. Gratuity is not included in the minimum.
Daytime rentals are available, please inquire. 

We customize all atrium menus.  We can do coursed meals, buffet, family style or heavy appetizers.  If you choose a coursed meal, the entree will need to be PRE-selected.

The way we price it….your per person price depends on your menu but does include the room fee.  Then we add drinks to that base price.  So, depending on your menu, your base per person price could be $65 to $100 per person. The gratuity is added after you hit the minimum.  If you go over the minimum, then the gratuity is added onto that final bill.

If you have further questions, please contact Courtney at:



How many people can the room hold?
30 seated max.  30 standing.

How private is the room?
We call the atrium, semi-private because you are separated by sliding glass doors and those doors do remain slightly open so that we can serve your party.  During warm weather, we seat the adjacent uncovered/outdoor patio to the atrium.  We do put up a divider, but you are not completely private.

What is the table structure/set up?
We set 30 people with three tables of 10.  We set 25 with two tables of 8 and one table of 9 or something of that combination.  20 people or less can be set with one long table, but more than 20, we have to do two tables plus.  

What’s the room like?
The space is informal and unique.  We have a view of the city and South hills.  During the summer months our patio is open-air and not air-conditioned.  Noble Rot has an elevator.

Can I pay for the food & room fee
and then have my guests pay their drink bill?
The atrium rentals are meant to be a hosted event and we ask that there be one bill.

Can we pay separately?
We do not take separate checks in our atrium room.  We will always present one check and add the gratuity.

What are the hours?  
When you book the atrium, the room is yours from 5pm -11pm.
*Open Table does not support private event reservations.

Please contact Courtney with inquiries.
Courtney Storrs – owner/manager  –