Courtney Storrs

Courtney Storrs is like a grafted grape:  deep mid-western roots supporting a seriously pro-Oregon vine.  She loves living in Portland.
Courtney started working in restaurants when she was 16 and managed her first restaurant at 20.  During her college career at the University of Colorado, restaurant work funded her need to ski. Courtney fell in love with wine while working at The French Laundry in Yountville, California.  Significant & varied restaurant experience is why Storrs has a natural ability to orchestrate the ebb and flow of Noble Rot’s professional, anticipatory but unobtrusive service. After moving to Portland, she took a job at Kimberly Bernosky’s (her business partner of 10 years) wine shop where she studied and tasted wine critically.  She also worked at Brick House Vineyards, assisting in the production of the ’99, ’00 & ’01 vintages.  Kim and Courtney opened Noble Rot in 2002.

Courtney and husband Leather Storrs (Chef & co-owner) traveled the US and Europe before settling in Portland.  They share a strong appreciation for food, wine and service and have always enjoyed dining together.  They mushroom hunt, hike, ride bikes and swim with their two children, Rye & Charlotte. 

Courtney runs private events, manages the floor staff & shares the wine buying with Kimberly.