Joseph Hickey

  JOSEPH Hickey · CHEF
Once upon a time there was…..wait I am supposed to be writing a personal bio, not a fairy tale. Well here goes!

I arrive in Portland from the ANE* by way of Dallas TX in August 2009, having spent the last 18 years in Texas, it was time to get out of the heat, literally. While in Dallas I wore many hats; construction, barkeep, rock and roll drummer, and the proud parent of 2 Great Danes and a Pit mix. I opened a catering company in 2000 and that led to my first restaurant, “Savory” in the spring of 2003. That one didn’t last long as my lease was swiped out from under me but before that happened I was already on restaurant #2 “The State & Allen Lounge.”

But as all good things come to an end I had to let my first Dane Kika Raye go after thirteen years, and so, being dog less, and with a heavy heart decided it was time for a new start. I wanted to go further west than Texas and Portland looked like a great place to start so I packed up and headed out this way knowing no one or nothing about the PNW.

Now a little inside info, my Restaurant LLC in Texas was named Noble Rot LLC, so by luck or fate or both I was hired by a Restaurant in Portland whose name happened to match the name of my Restaurants in Texas. Go figure.

So that’s my story so far and I must admit I have met some amazing people out here and plan on staying for quite a long time..

* ANE……Atlantic North East….Connecticut actually, where I was born and raised.